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WENPOWER Makes a Positive Impact at the Wales and Africa Health Links Network Annual Conference 2023

On October 9, 2023, WENPOWER, a Community Interest Company (CIC) offering a wide range of services including trauma therapies, personal coaching, executive coaching, organizational coaching, equality and diversity consultancy, business refocus, and training, made a significant and positive difference at the Wales and Africa Health Links Network Annual Conference in Cardiff.

The conference, themed "Energising and Expanding Partnerships in Global Health," brought together experts, partners, and stakeholders from various sub-Saharan African countries, universities in Wales, students, Public Health Wales, NHS Directors, GPs, and the Welsh Government.

At their information corner, WENPOWER had the invaluable opportunity to network and share insights into their mission and values. The Conference theme aligned perfectly with WENPOWER's mission, as they are actively involved in initiatives that promote well-being and equality on a global scale. WENPOWER's information corner at the conference provided them with a unique opportunity to connect with experts and partners from sub-Saharan.

These connections will potentially lead to collaborations and partnerships that further advance their mission of promoting well-being and equality. There are incredibly exciting outcomes from the conference that will benefit the local community.

As a way to payback to the community, WENPOWER is giving 5 people free information share on 1st come 1st served basis.

Drop us a note for further details and follow us on .


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